Internship Opportunity





Everyday Lessons Encouraging Values Aspirations Towards Economic self-sufficiency.



Strategic Thinking Enabling Authentic Monetization.



To elevate this program brings steam into the room and vibe on purpose, values, skills, system, self and others. Leave hate, envy, jealousy, greed, anxiety, and professional stupidity at the door.


This is the  winners circle.

Mindset Mastery lives here.


Elevating Human Capital Value & Beyond




This program is designed for Entrepreneurs in the profit and not-for-profit area of business and community. We also include start-up owners and idea persons who want to turn their ideas into concept development and execution.


Many people begin with an “idea.” Idea meets “concept” where though-out action is leveraged with goals to achieve your vision. The “Objectives” portion of the workshop will help you leverage all the activity you need to achieve the goal and encapsulate the execution of that goal into “Who” you are.


When an idea is birthed, it does not mean that you are the right person to carry out the day-to-day workings of bringing the idea to fruition. We conduct a self-analysis that will allow you to write and produce action to bring your idea to concept.


Formulate activities in support of your marketing plan as part of the “execution factor” to bring your message into a qualified network market of people and opportunities that will bring you that much needed social and fiscal result you seek to ascertain.


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3-week Mentorship
towards execution of your vision - $1300 US


Accelerated coaching session. Learn how to integrate experiential learning in a fast-paced society, filled with elevator pitches etc. Learn how to examine self worth and utilize ten steps to ignite action.




10 Modules - $130 US per module


A standard session is 45 minutes, with 15 minutes Q&A.
Register for any module, in any order.