Aubry Padmore


I am a faith-based Entrepreneur originating from Barbados but based in Atlanta, Georgia where I migrated to the United States at 18 years old in the state of New York first, then moving to Atlanta in later years. Over time I successfully structured a strategic, purpose-filled plan for my life to become a successful empowerment speaker, author, coach, publisher and adjunct professor.


Many may be unaware but I was actually born a mute – no speech. I only began to speak at three years of age where I recalled the neighbors laughing at me when I began to attempt speaking because I stuttered very badly at that time. Some friends today often make me recount on those days I stuttered; reminding me of the earlier years where I found myself posted in the front window so my mother could have easy access to ensure my safety. Some of the passing neighbors nicknamed me “Dummy.”


Growing up I realized that the loss of one sense improved my internal mind and vision, causing a thirst for accomplishment that started in high school, beginning with planting vegetables, raising chickens, a paper-route, and supplying the local supermarket with products to help sustain my financial life at an early age. Returning home a few years ago I visited the local supermarket where I first offered my produce for resale.


Fueled by spiritual passion, my inquisitiveness about God and the universe, pushed me for discovery of my purpose for living. I remember being grabed by the arm of a legally blind man and pulling me off to church. I believe I found my purpose in the human service profession as a speaker and coach, and that translated to being an author and publisher of my own books and those of a few close people.


I held many jobs and volunteered as a program specialist with Boy Scouts of America while pursuing the “American Dream”. I recall the need to make money, which led to the local library to read up on how to install sheetrock. The local library card was the only thing I could get for free and I used my card to learn how to install sheetrock, which led to more opportunities when I started working in the car rental business as well.


I later moved onto the judicial system as a Mailroom Court Aide, and a couple years later became the Supervising Court Aide to NYS Civil Court, in charge of providing support for all judicial and non-judicial staff under the direction of the Chief Budget Management Analyst. In addition, I Volunteered at that time to manage a community newspaper which opened doors in journalism and media birthing the pioneer in me and produced an online media broadcasting company, with myself being Founder of CaribVoiceRadio online platform. Today this platform is still taking things to new heights with a few additions and partnerships.


While working in Civil Court I came across a copy of “Black Enterprise Magazine” where my eyes caught an article that in summary suggested that if you work for a government institution and have a union who pays for college you would be stupid not to attend college. I took the article’s advice and enrolled in a local college named College for Human Services in NY (later MCNY) where I earned a Bachelor’s of Human Services and later returned to earn a Masters of Public Administration.


Graduating with almost a 4.0 grade point average was a high point; I lost credit for one assignment that was late because the computer crashed. A few years ago, I was invited to speak to incoming students at the college and was honored with a request to teach one class.


I returned to MCNY as an introductory speaker for new students and subsequently taught classes, from book publishing to marketing and PR. I was also the first professor to teach the entrepreneurship syllabus at the college.