(Padmore Global Enterprises LLC)



As a speaker, I have designed my platform aggregators and now seek to share those protocols with other like-minded persons who are willing to invest in themselves.


Through the entrepreneur support initiative you will:


1.  Brand yourselves as a product to a qualified niche market  (the execution factor)


2.  Have access to technical support for your online media (you will provide content video/audio for your speaker channel/podcast)


3.  Have access to referral speaking engagements – plug and play your programs into qualified niche audiences willing to purchase what you have for sale but more importantly subscribe to what your audience is buying


4.  Have your own 30-minute podcast, TV or radio show plugged into a qualified audience base regionally and internationally


5.  Have a qualified barters-into-cash program card to help kick-start your programs (keeping track via invoice exchanges help to solidify value of services)


6.  Have additional benefits to be added as we move forward.



This program is US$99.00 monthly. You may select auto pay monthly. Hybrid update meetings will be held on Thursdays at 8pm, EST.


Once you have agreed to be part of the program we will send you a link along with a password to sign up for the program at your level and make your payment via PayPal or CashApp – other gateways will be provided going forward.


THIS PROGRAM IS FOR SERIOUS PARTICIPANTS ONLY – We understand that from time to time life will get in the way of your business plans. Plan your work and work your plan accordingly.


We require 30 days’ notice to remove you should you decide to discontinue the relationship.


Legal matters will be handled through arbitration.


Participants who pay annually should consider their participation carefully since most of your annual contribution will be used to help elevate your presence; hence no refund.


Our promotional portal will feature a web product design tool. Feel free to use it or upload your 300dpi graphics as necessary.


By agreeing to the terms you are giving us permission to use your name, likeness, photo and other legal documents you certify ownership of in the promotion of your brand on our website, and other online and offline publications as promotional worthy.


monthly subscription:

US$75.00 special monthly subscription for Elevate Entrepreneurs graduates or current program participants: